The Promise Effect

Be Promise Challenge: Grow

Bruce Main's newest book, The Promise Effect, available now for purchase.  Visit The Promise Effect website.

The Promise Effect: Altering the Universe By Being God’s Promise

Our founder and president, Bruce Main, has crafted a moving and inspiring devotional to be read as we celebrate our 25th anniversary in the city of Camden. Join our community as we learn how to "Be Promise" and grow in faith and love together.

Read it. Pray it. Do it. Pick it up when you can and put it down when you must. Grab a story during an in-between time, waiting for a kid to get out of choir practice or that moment when you’ve turned off the TV for the night but you’re not yet ready to call it a day. Or read a quote in the morning and let it bounce around your head as you drive that day. Feel free to make notes in the margins. Add your reactions, journal your progress. How is The Promise Effect happening in your life?

This is not a book to be kept on a shelf in pristine condition. It wants to get ragged.

"Bruce Main’s The Promise Effect is a lively, wise, grace-filled reminder that the ‘big deal’ is often the ‘little deal,’ that God’s Spirit is moving among us all the time--if only we have eyes to see and ears to hear. Thanksgiving, grace, promise, giving, and receiving--all gifts of the Holy Spirit--ripple through The Promise Effect and through the wider ministry of UrbanPromise. This book and this ministry are gifts of God to rejoice in."


Christopher A. Hall Ph.D.
Chancellor of Eastern University and Dean of Palmer Theological Seminary

"Bruce Main is at his best in these short, faith-shaping vignettes that show the ‘power of small.’ And he should know: the summer camp he started a generation ago in one of the nation’s poorest and most dangerous cities launched an international movement. Today UrbanPromise International empowers children in some of the world’s poorest communities around the world. A master storyteller, Main offers a devotional resource filled with humility, humor, and hope. Use it in your youth group, study it in your small group, put it by your bedside. You’ll want to be part of the wings of change before you finish page 3."


Kenda Creasy Dean, Ph.D.
Professor of Youth, Church, and Culture at Princeton Theological Seminary, Author of Almost Christian: What The Faith Of Our Teenagers Is Telling The American Church