UrbanPromise Youth Set Sail


"I hope I capsize today!"

"Yeah! Me too!" exclaimed the
young boatwrights as a 92 degree New Jersey sun seemed to cook them in their life jackets. Though last week’s heat wave was largely responsible for their newfound zest for the Cooper River, something else was happening as those young sailors boarded their vessels.

These eager kids were the same ones who just a month ago would yell, scream, and clench any part of that 15’ boat that they could when the even slightest wake would cause it to tip gently. To see them on that sunny afternoon, months into their sailing classes, not only okay with falling into the once terrifying river but hoping for it- that’s the kind of moment that makes the hard work worth it.

These outstanding young men and women have completed the construction of two gorgeous 15’ Skerry sailboats; christened The Monarch and The Journey. They have become proficient swimmers and by the end of the month will be sound sailors. Still, what is truly remarkable is that these scared, immature teenagers have become responsible young people who know the strength of their spirit, rely on the work of their hands and believe in themselves. That is what could be felt from the dock of the Cooper River Yacht Club as those confident young sailors took to the river, hoping to get wet. Thank you, all of you, for making these moments possible.

Thank you to everyone who donated to this project!

You have helped inspire a community.


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