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"The other day I came out of the building at 8pm," said Albert Vega our gifted Summer Camp director with a wry smile, “and two boys, as usual, were still playing in the parking lot. They were there when I opened the doors at eight this morning and for twelve long, hot, hours they had been at UrbanPromise!”

Albert asked the boys just why they were still playing in the parking lot.  The disappearing, humid sun was already behind the roofs of the row homes across the street.

“We don’t get in trouble here,” one of the boys said.  “We get in trouble everywhere else that we go."

It seems to me that it makes a profound statement about UrbanPromise’s youth ministry when children refuse to leave the premises after the fun of organized programming is over for the day. It also makes a statement when young people hang out on our property because they don’t get into trouble.

When the children and teens in our programs want 12 hours of UrbanPromise every day—that’s something worth listening to!

So here’s more great news.

Our staff, volunteer college missionaries and StreetLeaders will give up their afternoon naps and personal time to work extra hours coordinating more activities for kids—kids who just don’t want to go home. I’m amazed at their dedication!

More sports leagues are being organized, Bible studies prepared, one-on-one relational times planned and many other supervised afternoon activities are excitingly under way.

This is where I need help with your response.  To get us through the rest of the summer with all these added activities we’re going to need additional resources.

Would you match the commitment of our staff and college missionaries with a gift today to help us make it through the summer?

My hope is that you’ll respond to all our kids by sponsoring one of our after camp activities. You’ll be doing so much to help our kids do something healthy and stay off the streets!

Thank you so much,

Dr. Bruce Main

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