Camp Grace: Community Service

"Children have nevebeen very good at listening to their elders, but have never failed to imitate them."
~ James Arthur Baldwin.

I have found this quote to be true. We have been doing skits on the life of Jesus at Camp Grace. The skits are taken from the book of Mark and we call them "Marked". Through the skits we realized that Jesus did more than just having compassion on people, he did something about it like healing, feeding the five thousand and teaching his disciples.

We asked the kids what they would do to help their community. Pedro, one of the kids talked about picking up trash in the community. What a brilliant idea.

Hope Works is trying to make a community garden at an abandoned lot next to where Camp Grace is. The place was full of trash and with Pedro's idea; we decided to help Hope Works clear the place in readiness for the community garden.

In April, Camp Grace went outside, picked up trash and gave out lemonade to whoever stopped by. "This is fun; we should do this again, look at how clean this place looks." Xavier Rivera commented at the end of the daunting task.

Children might not listen to us as we tell them to pick up trash but they will never fail to imitate us in picking up trash and keeping the place clean.

I have all my trust in these kids, they are a generation of change, it starts with small things like picking up trash.

Camp Grace is not only telling kids what to do but showing them how to do it as well.

~ Garrett Poper, Camp Grace Director