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Wednesday, June 29

and here we are again, at the end of a long day of sanding, expoy-ing, fibreglassing and general banter, the boards are really shaping up. hopefully this'll give you just a taste of what's going on...






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Tuesday, June 28

we spent some time with some new youngsters today, and they seemed to have fun- as well as speeding us along the construction process. hopefully you all enjoy this sneak peek into the boat shop (er, i mean, board shop) and are continuing to follow our adventure with as much anticipation and excitement as we are…

Monday, June 27

good evening, friends!

well, sunday is over, we had an enjoyable day with church in the morning, (including a new -of course- video in the announcements) some time chatting with the youth group kids and then a couple hours of building. Yesterday was gruelling- long, long hours, but today, well, after three hours with the kids, there was nothing to do but watch epoxy dry. and so, we went to the beach.

tired as we all were, the waves and the frantic energy of the ocean re-energised us, as did the thought of real beds tonight (some kind friends have given us a home for the evening) and we were all eager to be in the ocean. Luis learned something of the fine art of boogie boarding, i learnt how to face plant into waves and Jesus showed us how to dive into the waves.

the highlight had to be the dolphins though. right after we got out and were getting ready to head home, we spotted two dolphins frolicking in the waves right where we had been surfing. it was magnificent.

anyway, i’ll let Luis take over from here, and wish you all, all the very best.


Monday, June 27

It’s Sunday morning, the sun is shining over the water, Luis’ kids (the birds he adopted by feeding them his scraps) have been chirping for about two hours and we are just a bit sore… but not nearly as much as we thought we would be.

Two 12+ hour work days in a row should have us aching… there must be something in the water. It could be the same thing that has Luis hopping around in empty trash bins after work… that very substance the causes Suzi to roll around in the plush st. augustine snapping pictures of anything that moves… the culprit behind me waking up giddy at 6am every morning… the reason that has the community fired up about having us here… joy. On this gorgeous Sunday morning there is no avoiding it.

We’re going to share our story with the MPC youth group and have an open door session this afternoon so anyone can come check out what we’re doing. This time tomorrow we will begin to stitch our boards together. Time flies when you’re working your butt off.

God Bless you all.

Jesus Castro

Monday, June 27

Morning has a different hue here. We’re in the thick of the June gloom (malibu’s foggy lover who after a long day of work comes to settle on the town through the night only to leave again with the sun) which shrouds every second of morning with a delightfully dreary tinge of anticipation.

The town will wake up soon. The water will be uncovered soon. Lawnmower blades are echoing through the canyons as the day labor mercenaries engage the front lines of devaluation.. and we will join their efforts.. soon. Yet, it’s not the mansions of Malibu we’re concerned with. Ground breakings and demolitions leapfrog across Malibu’s economic season’s turn with a complete disregard.. contempt even, for the family. That’s what we’re here to build.

Vessels hold, carry. Boats (and boards) swaddle people as they cross our most treacherous sections of globe, water. They give us the opportunity to reach beyond the scope of our natural abilities and experience the forbidden beauty of something that should be impossible. Building them does the same. I remember a moment in the shop last fall when a 6th grade young lady was shaping a mahogany panel for a canoe with a belt sander that must have been twice the size of her arm. The dust collection system was on full blast with the sanders creating a sound bubble where our own heartbeat was the only thing we could hear. Suited up in her protective regalia, this boatwright was in the zone and as a tiny bead of sweat rolled down her barely exposed forehead, she found the line. The fair curve she was looking for (recognizable only by it’s mimicking of nature itself) was discovered by her hands after being created by her mind. She looked up.. and smiled. That was it. This is the sort of communication, fellowship, that we’re building here. A dusty, exhausted connection between fathers, daughters, brothers and mothers that is so profoundly impossible that words abide.

Now, all seriousness aside, we’re having a blast working our butts off.

Thanks for being here with us.

Jesus Castro
Program director of Urban BoatWorks

Monday, June 27

welcome! you’ve found your way to us, the intrepid boatbuilders builders from Camden, NJ, who find ourselves in Malibu, CA, to build two paddleboards…

to give you a little taste of what’s going on here, we’ve started this blog, with some writing, a lot of videos, and a lot of pictures, i’m sure.

Tuesday, June 21

You might remember Ivan from the 2007 Diana Sawyer 20/20 Special, "Waiting on the World to Change." Since that show Ivan has been attending UrbanPromise's elementary school in Camden...see how his life has changed in four years!

Sunday, June 19

Extended Interview...

Sunday, June 12

Congratulations to the Class of 2011

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