Day 3 (am): Joy comes in the morning

It’s Sunday morning, the sun is shining over the water, Luis’ kids (the birds he adopted by feeding them his scraps) have been chirping for about two hours and we are just a bit sore… but not nearly as much as we thought we would be.

Two 12+ hour work days in a row should have us aching… there must be something in the water. It could be the same thing that has Luis hopping around in empty trash bins after work… that very substance the causes Suzi to roll around in the plush st. augustine snapping pictures of anything that moves… the culprit behind me waking up giddy at 6am every morning… the reason that has the community fired up about having us here… joy. On this gorgeous Sunday morning there is no avoiding it.

We’re going to share our story with the MPC youth group and have an open door session this afternoon so anyone can come check out what we’re doing. This time tomorrow we will begin to stitch our boards together. Time flies when you’re working your butt off.

God Bless you all.

Jesus Castro