More than 650 families served this Thanksgiving!

UrbanPromie Thanksgiving

Thank you for your generosity this Thanksgiving! Because you and many others gave to UrbanPromise's Thanksgiving dinners, more than 650 after school program families received holiday feasts this past month.

There was enough turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie for all who came. Children unveiled dance and vocal performances they'd been practicing and blessed their families and all in attendance with their holiday acts. UrbanPromise Children's Ministry staff worked tirelessly to host meals on the Friday, Saturday, and Monday evenings before Thanksgiving.

And the best part of the meals? Seeing the happiness and fellowship enjoyed among guests. Families who were otherwise strangers shared a meal together--black, white, Asian, and Latino families, from babies to senior citizens, broke bread (and ate turkey) at the same table.

In addition to these three dinners, UrbanPromise sent home more than 100 turkeys and sides dishes to families in need.

We, and our families, thank you. The best thanks I received came from a single mother struggling to raise seven children on her own:

I was so glad to see you at the Thanksgiving dinner. You didn't know what I was going through and that I didn't want be there, but my daughter begged me to come because we attend every year. I was really feeling down because of our situation. One reason is that we didn't have Thanksgiving preparations of our own. Through God's grace and mercy we received a turkey basket at the dinner, so it was meant for us to be there. God already knew what blessing He had in store for us to receive."

I hope you experience similar blessings this Advent season.

Jodina Hicks
Executive Director