Blog: 16 July 2012

Monday, July 16

UrbanPromise's much-loved furry friend, named Mr. Groundhog by the development team, visited our office today. Much excitement ensued as he ran around our development office and frightened a few of our staff members. For footage of Mr. Groundhog's unexpected visit, go to Show your support of UrbanPromise's newest development team member and click here to make a donation!

Monday, July 16

It's not the average excursion for your inner-city summer camp but nearly everyday Camp Freedom director Tony Vega has been taking his kids fishing on the Delaware River. These daily trips to the river have been providing a great opportunity to the Kids of Camden who may not be able to experience fishing. We can also see that the benefits of this are not just the new experiences but the influence it is having on the kids lives.

"I like fishing at camp because we have to do a lot of waiting. While I wait it gives me time to think about my anger and why I am angry. But then the moment I catch a fish, I forget that I was ever angry today."

John Farmer, 8th grader

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