Urban BoatWorks: What A Week!!

It all started last weekend with a well-attended bike fundraiser that our office runs: Pedal For Promise.  Thank you to everyone who participated and gave; the students, school and staff appreciate your support.  Then, on Monday, we were able to put our Dragon Boat at the county boat house, so that on Wednesday we could have our first practice in our boat.  This beautiful Dragon Boat built by the students of UrbanPromise Academy performed very well on the water; practice was fantastic!!  And on Thursday in the boat shop, one student was filling in the last piece on the Mahogany Abenaki Canoe, while another student was cutting a hole in the bottom of the Delaware Ducker (check out pictures below).

All of this captures one of the really cool things we get to participate in often each day: that moment when clarity comes, or when what you have worked on so hard comes to life and works well.  The dragon boat project has been going on for 2 years.  Each Wednesday, the freshmen of last year and this year would come to the boat shop to move this boat closer to completion.  Our practice Wednesday was a beautiful accomplishment for the students because their hard work paid off!  This is true for the Abenaki as well.  We have been working on the Mahogany the whole year.  This week Thursday, the final piece went in.  Its huge: starting with a plank of Mahogany, cutting it down, getting those pieces just right, bending the pieces around our forms to make the canoe shape, and then placing the final piece.  The Delaware Ducker is a little different, but we started yesterday talking about cutting a whole into the bottom of our boat.  To me and the students this does not seem wise.  However, we did it and the dagger-board slides through its box very well--sometimes we just need to trust!