Blog: 23 September 2016

Friday, September 23

Each September we have taken the Freshmen class of UrbanPromise Academy to visit the South Jersey Port Cooperation.  Its a great tour because we don't realize how much product comes into the Port of Camden everyday!

This was my 4th visit and the first sight to behold was a boat being unloaded.  The place was buzzing with action!!  We were able to stand out of the way and hear and see all the product come off the ship.  The cranes were moving the products off the ship and then tow motors picked it up from there, bringing it either to "its" place or to a waiting truck.  Today the cargo being unloaded was steel, in the form of giant "I" beams and rolls of steel.  The "I" beams could potentially be going to help build new buildings in Camden and the rolls of steel are used to make cans for our canned food.

For students from the city, this experience was filled with surprises--they never knew that all of this happens in their city.  It is good to see all these people working hard and together.  The students learned that the steel gets picked up here as scrap metal.  From here, it's taken to either Turkey or China to be melted down and made into the rolls or "I" beams we saw, and then sent back to Camden.  One student asked, "How far can a ship go on a tank of gas?"  What a great question!  (We are still waiting for an answer.)  Other students asked what would they have to do to get a job here at the Port.  The answer was to graduate and work hard on your studies.  This is such a great message for a freshman to hear.  And this group is starting off their high school life right.


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