Urban BoatWorks: It's in Her Blood

We have been busy.  The groups are coming along very well.

As we get to know the groups and the individual students, stories are bound to come out.  One of the students told a great story one of her first days in the shop: we were introducing the next topic of boatbuilding and Ha spoke up about her family. 

Ha has come to Camden from across the ocean.  Back home, she remembers her granddad bringing her to school by boat.  She and her family lived on one side of the river and the only local school was across, on the other side of the river.  So each day, if weather allowed, her granddad would take her and her sibling across the river to school.  As we kept talking, Ha told me that her granddad built the boat they used each day!  So great!!

So, weeks have passed and we have gotten to know Ha and her classmates more.  They are a great group with lots of energy and artistic ability.  We have seen some amazing pieces of art and it is coming through when it comes to boat building.  Ha is very detail-orientated and accurate.  So, it would seem, she has boat building in her blood.