My Daughter's Kitchen: Week 4

This week’s stuffed peppers and cabbage slaw recipes gave everyone a chance to chop, dice, slice, and demonstrate their confidence and dexterity. 

In our class we decided to chop up the tops of peppers and add them to the ground turkey mixture instead of sending them to the compost. Each of our junior chefs took a turn at the stove sautéing the onions and peppers, adding the turkey and seasonings until the kitchen was aromatic. 

“You have to cook with onions,” said Cianni Green.  “They make everything taste and smell so good!”  Brazil Taylor had the last turn, adding the beans and cilantro to the skillet.  “Here come the Mexican jumping beans!” she joked. 

The cabbage slaw gave us the chance to talk about “whisking” and emulsifying” and a quick taste of the dressing confirmed that it was almost “creamy” as a result.  Our junior chefs sat down to write predictions for the day’s meal and how it would taste, trying to find new and creative ways to describe the stuffed peppers.

“This is when you need a dictionary and you don’t have it,” said Nailah Lipscomb.  “Well we know that the peppers looked cute and adorable!” said Brazil Taylor.  Once served the girls decided they were spicy, chewy, delici

ous and according to Brazil Taylor “you can taste cute.”