My Daughter's Kitchen: Week 5

Soup and salad were on the menu, lots of vegetables and apples to chop and even more opinions on soup and salad to share. 

“I do NOT like chick peas!” announced Nailah Lipscomb emphatically, while she and the other junior chefs were chopping carrots, onions and celery to get the soup simmering.  The soup recipe allowed us to talk about the building blocks of adding flavor to food. 

“First Mise en Place and now Mirepoix? When will these French words stop?” asked Cianni Green, but all the girls could admire the nice, small even pieces of vegetables they created and the great aroma that was soon coming from the stock pot.  While the soup simmered we made the Waldorf salad together, taking turns to stir the soup and add the seasonings, tomatoes and dreaded chick peas to the pot. 

When we sat down to eat, the girls admired the meal.  “I watch all the cooking shows and you have to have texture, this has texture” said Sobechi Igweatu. 

“Smooth hot soup and a cool crunchy salad!” said Nailah, who carefully removed each and every chick pea from her soup before eating it. 

Some girls liked the soup more than the salad and others preferred the salad. Eventually Nailah tasted the chick peas. “Actually these are not bad,” she said, popping a few more in her mouth.