Meet Pierre

MEET PIERRE: Pierre was six years old when his family moved from Haiti to Camden. Living just a few blocks from UrbanPromise, Pierre started attending summer camp after his 1st grade year. In 7th grade, he started participating in programs throughout the year. In 9th grade, Pierre transitioned into the StreetLeader program, taking a position as an Assistant Team Leader at just 14-years old. During his senior year, he worked closely with staff to prepare for college. Pierre is now attending Albright College on a full scholarship!

Why did he stay engaged for so many years?
“The staff really took care of me. It’s a great group of people and they are genuinely invested in me. Urban had a huge impact on my faith, I developed security in my faith and pursued opportunities to grow spiritually. It was also a great way to escape challenges at home and in school.”

What does he want UrbanPromise supporters to know?
“So many StreetLeaders are now in college or have graduated from college. They are investing in the dreams of youth and allowing them to do good things with their lives. They are making a difference.”