Some might call me a romantic...

Yes, that's right. I'm taking my wife of 29 years on a cruise down the Delaware River in a canoe! 

This weekend, we’ll put our marriage to the test by spending 8 hours in a canoe together – something we’ve never done!  Sound like fun?
Pam has been a great sport over the years to put up with me. We actually got married one month before officially starting UrbanPromise in 1988. She has been an amazing partner in building this ministry through all of the ups and downs. Pam has seen the significance of our work in Camden and believes our children deserve an amazing summer camp experience.

We hope you’ll support Team Main as we strive to raise $50,000 for UrbanPromise Camden summer camps.

Every dollar raised will go directly to feed children, cover trip costs, fund staffing, and provide an amazing 6-week summer camp experience for nearly 500 children and employment for 100 teens.  These programs are truly life changing and life giving.

Thanks for the many ways you have supported our efforts over the years. Your generosity sincerely inspires us.

Bruce Main
President, UrbanPromise

P.S. If you donate $500 or more Pam and I will call you from the canoe and give you an update. But depending on how long we have been paddling you may need to provide brief marriage counseling.

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