Finding Courage

“Courage unparalleled, opened her utterly.”
-Denise Levertov, ‘Annunciation’

“When you told me about this reality,” shared my friend Colin, “I just had to do something.”

Two years ago I was invited to a speaking engagement in Toronto, Canada. The church put my wife and I up at a local hotel for a couple of nights. The first morning we noticed 20-30 children streaming off the elevators and shuttled into a back room. Curious, I followed the group, only to discover that the hotel was hosting about 100 refugee families from numerous African countries—some had been living in the hotel for over 6 months. Evidently the children were bored and didn’t have much to do.

I shared my observation with a dear friend from Toronto named Colin McArtney. Colin decided to act by mobilizing a handful of young Christian leaders to care for these forgotten kids.

“I’m now doing youth programs for refugees in various hotels around the city,” he continued. “We just hosted a series of Christmas parties for over 800 children. Look what you started!”

What Colin is doing was actually started long before me.....

At the heart of the Christmas story is a young woman—named Mary—who said "Yes" to God. In the words of poet Denise Levertov, Mary displayed “unparalleled courage” which allowed her to say yes to a journey of faith for which she did not know the ending.

Regardless of the uncertainty and potential pain, by saying "Yes" Mary ignited a chain of events which literally birthed God’s mysterious work into the world—that new, creative, beautiful and redemptive work found in the person of Jesus. It all started with a peasant girl opening her heart—utterly—to the spirit of God.

By saying yes to the promptings of God, my friends in Toronto are living the essence of Christmas—and they’re bringing hope and joy to dislocated refugee children trying to find their way in a new and foreign land.

My prayer, for us all, is to be those Christmas people who find the courage to “utterly” open ourselves to God’s spirit—becoming the hands, feet and heart of Christ to those who thirst for hope.

Merry Christmas.

Bruce Main
Founder & President