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Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1479,
Camden, NJ 08105




(877) 40-URBAN or (877) 408-7226

Main Office
(856) 661-1700

(856) 661-1954

CamdenForward School
(856) 382-1010

UrbanPromise Academy
(856) 382-1874

Children's Ministry
(856) 382-1881

StreetLeader Program
(856) 382-1869

Intern Program
(856) 382-1871

WorkGroup Program
(856) 382-1876

Administration : Main Office (856) 661-1700

Dr. Bruce Main President
Jodina Hicks Executive Director
Connie Alston Administrative Director
Pamela Foxx Human Resources & Volunteer Manager
Nancy Fitzgerald Bookkeeper
Charlie Koerwer Operations Manager
Duane Aretz Facilities Coordinator
Soley Berrios WorkGroup Administrator


Shannon Oberg Creative Director
Lindsey Markelz Grant Coordinator
Jennifer Giordano Church Relations & Partner Coordinator
Mary Johnson Gift Entry Officer
Susan Wilhelm Donor Care Coordinator

Children's Ministry: AfterSchool Program & Summer Camps (856) 382-1881

Brent Liebman Director of Children & Youth Ministry
Lisa Huber Administrative Manager
Marcus Bell Program Director of Camp Spirit
Dylan Lebakken Program Director of Camp Grace
Brian Newhall Program Director of Camp Saved
Alberto Vega Program Director of Camp Joy
Antonio Vega Program Director of Camp Freedom
Braheem Wilson Program Director of Camp Faith

CamdenForward School (856) 382-1857

Denise Baker Principal
Tyshema Lane Academic Instructional Specialist
Liz Delvalle Kindergarten Teacher
Kathryn Ettore-Hennigan First and Second Grade Teacher
Shervon Sonnebeyatta Third Grade Teacher
Vida Garnett Fourth Grade Teacher
Sarah Lawlor Fifth Grade Teacher
Terry Bullock Middle School Mathematics Teacher
Joe Delvalle Middle School Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher
Katrina Parker Middle School Science Teacher
Robert Kelleher Fine Arts Teacher
Ivory Pardo Health & Physical Education Teacher
Whitney Proviano Bible Teacher & Administrative Assistant
Pauline Murfree Administrator
Doris Quinones Administrative Assistant
Lular Thomas Classroom Aide

StreetLeader Program

Jacob Rodriguez Director of the StreetLeader Program
Aleisha Dudley Enrichment Coordinator
Sandy Newhall StreetLeader Education Coordinator
Camille LeClair Urban Chef and Spirit Cafeteria Director

UrbanPromise Academy

Andy Joshua Principal
Dennis Nelson Administrative Assistant
Amanda Graf History Teacher
Joann Higgins Math Teacher
Gerard Pelletier Science & Technology Teacher
Kevin Watkins English Teacher
Ivory Pardo Health & Physical Education Teacher


Jim Cummings Director of Experiential Learning
Julia Horn Expedition Program Director
Jeff Vanderkuip Urban BoatWorks Program Volunteer
Kourtney De La Cruz Experiential Learning Assistant Director

Wellness Center

Rebecca Bryan Wellness Center Director
Patricia Trivinia Mental Health Clinician

Internship Program

Allison Bell Intern Director

Delaware Gardens Neighborhood Initiative

Betsy McBride Director of DGNI
Soley Berrios Project Coordinator