Georgetti’s Pasta and Sauce Market

Supporting Children in Camden for 20 Years

For Michael Georgetti, owner of Georgetti’s Pasta & Sauce Market in Cinnaminson, N.J., supporting UrbanPromise is about giving children in Camden a chance at a better life.

“People often think the odds are overwhelming in Camden,” Michael said.  “But at what point do you put a value on giving someone a better future?  Even helping one person can be infectious and spread in a good way to others.”

Michael and his gourmet food business have been supporting UrbanPromise for nearly 20 years.  Whether catering events for free, or donating goods from his shop to help raise funds, or even sponsoring several children directly, Michael’s generous support has made an enormous impact.

Every year, Georgetti’s Pasta and Sauce Market donates the catering for UrbanPromise’s annual banquet, which draws 700 to 1,000 guests.  Georgetti’s and the Collingswood-based restaurant, Tortilla Press, provide all the food and manpower to cater this event free of charge.  Over the last several years, both businesses have saved the organization more than $250,000 on this event alone.  These savings allow UrbanPromise to direct its funds to programs for children.

Michael believes these programs are crucial to providing youth with an alternative to Camden’s streets.  With a poverty rate at nearly 40% and a crime rate five times the national rate, daily life for many children in Camden can be a challenge.

I get as much out of UrbanPromise, if not more, than the little bit I do for them. I get hope, and I learn from these children. 

“With UrbanPromise, these children have a place where they can go and feel safe,” Michael said.  “They see that people love them and have a smile on their face.  They don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen to them.”

He also points to the business owners and members of the community who volunteer at UrbanPromise.  Whether they dedicate a week to a service project or help out regularly in the boat-building shops, these volunteers provide an important example.

“Kids need to see they can have a fulfilling life – that it’s possible for them,” he said. “They need role models and mentors to guide them and show them what they can do for themselves.”

The volunteers and staff at UrbanPromise steer youth toward positive life choices, such as graduating from high school, going to college, and developing skills for the future.

Despite all his giving to UrbanPromise, Michael believes he has received more than he has given.

“I get as much out of UrbanPromise, if not more, than the little bit I do for them,” he said. “I get hope, and I learn from these children.  The things I’ve heard from them and seen them do are amazing.  It’s satisfying and rewarding.”

UrbanPromise salutes Michael and the staff at Georgetti’s for their support over the years. Thank you for being a blessing to our organization and the community! 

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