Campers to Leaders

“I remember an event called Double Dare,” reminisced Albert Vega. “I might have been seven years old.” 

Albert continued to describe the competition with memorable details.

“It was crazy fun. We had to eat as many bananas as possible in a short amount of time,” he recalled with a chuckle. “I won the competition, but couldn’t get all the banana out of my mouth. One of the counselors helped me.” 

That was 28 years ago. Albert vividly remembers the exhilarating competitions, the safe place to go after school and the summer counselors. (Full disclosure: UrbanPromise did eliminate the banana-eating competition in subsequent years).

Albert’s twin brother Tony also remembers the impact of our programs as a child. “I loved the spring break trips, the Martin Luther King Speech Contest, Math Dare and my summer job as a StreetLeader. UrbanPromise has been there every step of the way, even helping me get through university.”

Finding two people more passionate about UrbanPromise is difficult. These young men have lived the UrbanPromise story and embody our mission of developing leaders from within the community—leaders who return to serve their city.

That’s why it’s an honor for me to make a very significant announcement: 

This month Tony and Albert were hired to fill two senior management positions within UrbanPromise—Tony as director of our StreetLeader Department and Albert the Director of our Children’s Ministry Department. 

These are influential leadership roles—a responsibility to shape our programming for the next generation of children and teens in our city.

“I’m looking forward to being on the creating end of these programs,” added Albert. “My priority is to build and mentor a younger team of front-line workers.”

Like any new position, the first 100 days are critical—especially during this season of COVID. Albert and Tony have exciting plans to capitalize on this window of time.

Like you, I want to ensure that Tony and Albert launch successfully. So let’s send an affirming message by supporting their “First 100 Day” initiatives.

Bruce Main
Founder & President

PS. Meet Albert and Tony in this short interview. You’ll see and hear their passion. 

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