StreetLeader Program

Through UrbanPromise’s StreetLeader Program, 75-100 Camden-area teens are employed each year as counselors, tutors, and mentors for the children who attend our AfterSchool Programs and Summer Camps.

Many StreetLeader teens are AfterSchool Program graduates and return to work within our camps because they are passionate about mentoring the next generation of Camden youth. The heart of the StreetLeader Program is challenging teens to use their influence to make positive changes in the lives of these children, in their own lives, and throughout their communities.

In addition to job training, StreetLeaders participate in community service; life skills classes; one-on-one tutoring; SAT/ACT courses; academic enrichment courses; and arts activities. Teens are encouraged to avoid negative influences and focus on their academic and professional future. The program’s focus on achievement has led to a 100% graduation rate and a 95% college attendance rate of StreetLeader seniors.

Within the 2014-2015, 135 teens gained hands-on training, attained marketable job skills, and participated in academic enrichment and college prep activities.

Over the past three years, 100% of StreetLeader seniors have graduated from high school. Each teen is supported academically throughout the year by UrbanPromise staff and interns. 

StreetLeader teens participate in 20 weeks of ACT/SAT prep classes for FREE each school year.

From Camper to College Student

Dominique says his favorite part of college breaks is returning to work at UrbanPromise.

Dominique embodies the true spirit of a StreetLeader and vision of the entire UrbanPromise community. He grew up in our AfterSchool Program, became a StreetLeader, an assistant team leader, and, this past year, a team leader—--the highest StreetLeader rank within the program. He graduated with A’'s and B'’s from high school, received awards and recognition for his community service work, and earned scholarships for college. He is currently a sophomore at Virginia State University where he studies business.

Through all of his work in Camden and at UrbanPromise, Dominique says he is “fully committed to providing a bright future for the next generation of the city's youth.” In between college semesters, and during vacations and breaks, he volunteers on UrbanPromise’'s campus, helps staff, and spends time with neighborhood kids. His role as a mentor to the children who participate in AfterSchool Programs and Summer Camps, he says, is "“incredibly important and is what keeps [him] coming back to UrbanPromise.”"

After college, Dominique plans to continue serving his city by opening several small businesses that mainly employ Camden residents. His attitude and actions represent the ultimate goal of the StreetLeader program: for Camden teens and young adults to educate and inspire the younger children in their community.