A Night At The Museum

Feb. 10, 2023

Since his accident in mid-December, Tony Vega, the Director of our StreetLeader Program, has spent most his waking hours navigating PT sessions, doctor visits, long periods of time on his back and managing simple tasks like taking a shower. With multiple fractures in both legs—after being hit by a car outside of UrbanPromise—recovery has been slow…and tedious.

But last Friday night Tony was ready to reconnect with our youth at the annual “Philadelphia Art Museum Scavenger Hunt”—as a surprise guest.

“You can leave me here,” he whispered, as I pushed his wheelchair down the hallway adorned with Renaissance art. “It’s Monet’s Water Lily’s at Giverny. One of my favorites.”

So for the next few hours Tony sat, as our youth showed up to snap photos of Monet’s famous painting. The scavenger hunt challenged our teens to answer clues, which led them to famous paintings and artifacts. The team that completed their list first, won the competition. Finding Tony—an added and surprising bonus.

“People say I’m lucky to be alive,” shared Tony earlier that day. “But I feel I’m lucky to have a community of people around me who care. My colleagues are taking me to doctor appointments, filling out paperwork, bringing me lunch and sending me texts of encouragement. I can’t imagine navigating this experience without the UrbanPromise Community.”

Yes, the Philadelphia Museum is filled with great art. But last Friday it was filled with something else—joy, love and community. It’s the UrbanPromise way.


Bruce Main
Founder & President