For more than 30 years, Camden’s youth have been growing and thriving in UrbanPromise’s supportive and educational community, one that challenges them to build the skills they need to achieve the goals they envision for themselves.
The Principles that Guide Us

Grounded in Faith

UrbanPromise draws from the Christian tradition to offer youth a world-view infused with hope, faith, purpose and a commitment to community service.

Nurturing Community

UrbanPromise welcomes each individual with care, dignity and a sense of belonging; embracing generations of families through a dedicated network of support.

Cultivating Leadership

UrbanPromise equips Camden youth with leadership theory and a year-round platform to assume meaningful leadership roles in their community.

Prioritizing Well-being

UrbanPromise prioritizes personal wellness and resilience; empowering youth to successfully overcome challenges, build competence and find hope in every situation.

Experiential Learning

UrbanPromise promotes critical thinking, creativity, and experiential learning; taking students beyond the classroom to discover new perspectives.

Strengthening Camden

We invest in Camden’s youth because we believe in the intrinsic value and unique ability of every individual.

UrbanPromise believes in the beauty and people of Camden, standing proudly as an integral part of the community and a testament to what happens when we believe in young people and give them a place of true belonging.

A Holistic Approach

UrbanPromise takes a 360 approach with every child.

Our approach to education and youth development considers the entire person – their experiences, their background, their strengths, and their challenges. UrbanPromise’s staff and teachers honor the inherent strengths and abilities of our youth. We support them in their journey – not just to become better students or leaders, but to become the people God envisions them to be in mind, body, and spirit.

Our History

In 1988 UrbanPromise launched our first official summer camp in an old Baptist church in the city of Camden.

UrbanPromise was inspired by Dr. Tony Campolo, renowned speaker, author, and sociologist known for his call for Christians to seek justice for the poor and liberation for the oppressed. In 1993, because of rapid programmatic growth and a need for a more localized board of directors, UrbanPromise Ministries was established as a 501(c)3, faith-based, New Jersey nonprofit. Dr. Bruce Main, our organization’s first full-time employee, was hired as the founding director.

A World of Promise

UrbanPromise International

Since our first years in Camden, the UrbanPromise model has been replicated throughout the United States and around the globe. To date, more than 30 organizations have been launched around the world, following the UrbanPromise model.  All UrbanPromise sites and affiliate ministries are governed independently but strive to achieve the same goal: to provide children and youth with the support needed to succeed academically, grow spiritually, and develop into leaders who can bring positive change to their communities. Collectively they are supported by UrbanPromise International, Inc.

UrbanPromise International