Now we look towards the next 30+ years of mission and ministry, determined to remain a place where youth in Camden become deeply rooted in community and grow the goals they set for themselves and their ability to achieve them.
Years Serving Camden
through neighborhood-based after school programs, teen employment, two schools and more
Children and Youth
Engaged annually across our programs
Rooted to Grow Goal
will support investments in programs, staff, and organizational stability
Expanding our Reach

Counseling Services for Adolescents

Expanding our Wellness Team with the addition of a Clinician will have the dual advantage of 1) enabling more one-on-one and group support for adolescents and their families and 2) freeing up the Wellness Director to focus on higher-level strategy and program development to strengthen work across the organization.

Inspire Meaningful Growth
Inspiring and elevating our youth demands that we give them our best, which means ensuring that every program supports holistic well-being, that our buildings and facilities are welcoming and safe, and that our programs are accessible.

Strengthen our ability to promote well-being

Expand our Wellness team to increase case management support, adopt a culturally-relevant social-emotional curriculum, and provide more resources for activities that promote well-being.

Provide full scholarships for low-income families

Increase scholarships to fully cover the cost of tuition for low-income families, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to enrolling in our schools.

Upgrade program spaces to optimize learning

To maintain a safe and healthy environment, we will upgrade buildings, including infrastructure repairs, utility upgrades, and physical repairs to program spaces to enrich learning environments.

“No one teaches you leadership like UrbanPromise.”
Deja Peterson, alumna, Jurisprudence Law and Society major at Montclair State University, Class of 2022
Enable Passionate Staff
The key to UrbanPromise’s continued success lies in making the greatest possible investment in our staff.

Increase training to improve practice

Increase training for staff to enhance their professional skills and strengthen their ability to implement programs that accelerate outcomes for youth.

Attract and retain great talent

Create a staff position fully focused on attracting, retaining, and training UrbanPromise’s talent in order to strengthen our team and bolster programmatic impact.

Compensation adjustments

Establish essential compensation adjustments that will enable teachers and staff to support their families, focus fully on UrbanPromise’s mission, and continue supporting youth for many years.

Nourish UrbanPromise's Roots
Grounded in our experience and belief in our unique youth empowerment approach, we will invest in our sustainability and leadership.

Create a cash reserve

Create a cash reserve that will allow UrbanPromise to weather lean times and stay resilient through unforeseen hardships.

Develop succession plans

Develop succession plans that will strengthen the next generation of staff leadership and prepare the organization for transitions.

Grow Revenue

Increase the organization’s capacity to diversify revenue so that we are positioned to serve the Camden community for decades to come.

“At UrbanPromise, you never felt like you were doing something alone. There was someone there to help you no matter what.”
Katrina Ingram, Alumna and Child Abuse Investigator
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