Volunteering at UrbanPromise provides an excellent opportunity to meet and form meaningful relationships with our youth, share your gifts, and learn more about our programs. All volunteer contributions help to reduce our budget and further our mission.
Individual Opportunities
Individual volunteer opportunities are available in increments of one-time events, daily, weekly, and or monthly service. Dedicate your time to making a lasting impact and investment in the UrbanPromise community.
Special Events

This includes one-time activities such as helping teachers to set-up their classrooms, filling your trunk with candy for Trunk or Treat, engaging in our MLK Jr. Day of Service, or serving a meal for our interns.

Lunchroom Aides

Lunchroom aides will assist staff in the lunchroom during the school’s two lunch periods. Aides supervise students in the lunchroom and playground and will help disinfect, clean and clear spaces. Time commitment: Monday—Friday, 10:30 a.m.—1:00 p.m.


Tutor students or after school program participants in reading and math in a one-on-one or small group setting. Provide students with support and strategies to become independent learners and thinkers. Volunteers are needed 2 to 4 hours a day.

Administrative Support Volunteers

Support operational tasks such as answering the phones, inputting data, making photocopies, filing, stuffing envelopes, and creating school documents. Volunteer Monday – Friday between 9 a.m. –5 p.m. in 2 to 4 hour slots.

Classroom Aides

Assist teachers in the classroom with tutoring and reading to students, grading assignments, preparing bulletin boards, copying and filing documents, and other classroom-related duties. Volunteer Monday—Friday, any number of hours between 9 a.m. — 3:30 p.m.

ACT Tutors

Prepare teens in our StreetLeader job training program for the ACT college entrance exam. Tutors are needed in Math and English and to provide support in writing college essays.  Time Commitment: TBD

Facilities Maintenance

Help keep UrbanPromise clean and beautiful by assisting our facilities staff with campus upkeep. Duties include lawn mowing, painting, cleaning, and minor building repairs. Time commitment: Flexible

Trekker & Office of Experiential Learning

This is a job for volunteers who love the outdoors and enjoy spending time with teenagers on day trips (i.e. hiking, canoeing), can help prepare for Treks by packing gear or groceries, to support weekly water testing, maintaining our butterfly garden, and/or support community paddles.

Boat Building

Volunteer on a weekly basis working with one of our student cohorts as they build a canoe over the course of a school  year. There is also a need to help repair some of our older wooden canoes from our fleet.

Library Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to shelve books, check books in/out to students, set-up displays, and support students in one-on-one literacy, phonics, and elementary math. Time commitment: 2 to 4 hour blocks on school days.

Other Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals

We have many volunteer needs and are happy when we can match an individual’s interest and skill set to a need at UrbanPromise. If you’d like to explore volunteer options, the first step is to complete our application.

UrbanPromise WorkGroups provide unique community service and team-building opportunities to groups of between 10-40 individuals. We welcome teams of all kinds-from churches, youth groups, corporations, high schools, colleges, etc.-to spend a weekend or entire week engaging in service projects and/or assisting with our after-school and summer camps.
Workday & Weekend

Projects typically include maintenance, yard work, cleaning, painting, and light construction. This helps to keep our costs down and our campus beautiful! Saturday projects typically last 4 to 6 hours; weekday projects are usually 2 to 4 hours.


WorkGroups spend about half of their time working with children and the remaining time assisting with facility projects. Groups also engage in reflection and discussions on the challenges and issues that affect urban communities in an effort to increase awareness and break down stereotypes.

Workgroup Inquiry and Application

For more information email workgroups@urbanpromiseusa.org or call (609) 410-1912.

Ready to move forward and apply? Please complete the WorkGroup application to help us understand more about your group and when you’d like to volunteer. We’ll be in touch to determine next steps.


Additional Needs


Provide our after school programs and summer camps with the supplies they need for successful programming. Partner with your church or business and collect non-perishable materials (i.e. art supplies, sports equipment, healthy snacks and drinks) for a specific camp during the school year and/or summer.

Call us to discuss at (856) 382-1885.

In-Kind Gift Drive

In-kind gifts—non-monetary contributions of goods or services—enable us to direct the majority of dollars to our programming and youth. A significant budget reduction for UrbanPromise, each in-kind gift is tax-deductible and an alternative way for donors to influence the lives of those we serve.

Contact us for information on current needs or upcoming in-kind drives at (856) 382-1877.

Volunteer Onboarding Process


Complete volunteer application and background check forms


Schedule a volunteer appointment to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator


Participate in volunteer orientation which includes: A tour of main campus, receive an overview of UrbanPromise, meet key staff, review volunteer packet & opportunities to serve, participate in COVID-19 training and finalize placement for volunteer service


Background Check volunteer application will be processed by HR/Volunteer Office


Volunteers start their first day of service and sign- in at designated areas of service.


Volunteers will have a primary staff person assigned and will continue to receive support and communications from the Volunteer Coordinator about opportunities, training, and an annual volunteer appreciation event.

Upcoming Events