UrbanTrekkers' is an outdoor, hands-on, up-close learning and mentoring program, where the world is our classroom. We explore environmental gems within Camden and travel to places beyond students' everyday lives, so that learning comes alive and students have room to grow.
Beyond the Classroom


Local activities and multi-day treks on land and water promote well being and increase familiarity and comfort with the outdoors.

Admiring Creation

Whether it’s the soothing sounds of a stream in the woods, spotting an unfamiliar creature, or gazing over a canyon, our Treks inspire a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty of creation and our role in caring for it.

Outdoor Classroom

Our Treks incorporate education and reflections on history, the environment, and culture, challenging us to expand our worldview.

Leadership Development

We provide extensive outdoor leadership training and facilitate community service opportunities in order to challenge our students to work as a team and grow in character.


New Student Orientation

Students bond through team building activities, outdoor challenge course games, and an introduction to camping and boating skills.

Washington D.C.

Trekkers engage in active learning through visits to national monuments, museums, and other historical sites in our nation’s capital.

Senior Rites of Passage

Participating 12th graders travel to upstate New York’s Saranac Lake region for a challenging water and land expedition culminating in a 24-hour solo experience.

Leadership Training

Through annual treks, students acquire outdoor competencies, learn about the history and environment in a region, and engage in leadership and team-building.

The Pinelands

This trip brings what Seniors have been reading from John McPhee’s book, “The Pine Barrens,” to life as we paddle through the Pinelands east of Camden.

Spring Break Expeditions

Regardless of the destination, spring break trips are packed with new cultural and historical adventures and plenty of outdoor exploration.

Maine Trek

A four day expedition to mid-coast Maine, students explore through quarry jumping, hiking, sea kayaking, and lobstering alongside Maine Trekkers.

Assateague Island

This trek teaches youth about the island’s history and ecology through a variety of beach-related outdoor activities.

Urban Hikes

Students spend the day in a U.S. city walking, visiting historical sites, and engaging with residents to learn more about the area’s culture and history.

Enjoy multi-day explorations
Traveled by teens during their adventures
Expeditions Per Year
Take young people to places beyond their everyday lives
“They show us everyday that we are worthy and take us on these beautiful trips and watch the sunset 
and build camp fires and cook 
with each other. It’s like a family and a home away from home.”
Angie, High School Trekker
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