Our mission is to equip Camden's children and young adults with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, spiritual growth, and Christian leadership.
What Makes Us Different

360 Approach


We recognize that youth are resilient. Our goal is to support their on-going development through the integration of socio-emotional learning, mind/body practices and school-based support services.



UrbanPromise promotes critical thinking, creativity, and experiential learning; taking students beyond the classroom to engage with the community and discover new perspectives.

Next Generation


UrbanPromise invests in the intrinsic value of every child, empowering them to nurture their unique strengths and have an enduring trust in themselves to be transformative leaders for their communities and beyond.

Youth Development Model

We’re a community rooted in the values of long-term relationships, Christian faith, innovation, and a commitment to emotional and social well-being.

Our learning environment takes children and youth beyond the walls of conventional classrooms and nurtures critical thinking and creativity through an emphasis on experiential learning, community service, and leadership development. Our unique pedagogy allows youth to develop concrete skills, build self-confidence, envision a hopeful future, and discover a vocation rich in meaning and purpose.