Inspiring and elevating our youth demands that we give them our best, which means ensuring that every program supports holistic well-being.
Key Elements of Well-being

Body, Mind & Spirit

We recognize that in order for children and youth to thrive, our approach must consider the whole person. We acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life domains.

Trauma Responsive

We address the connection of Adverse Childhood Experiences to depression and anxiety, and seek to manage and reduce the impact of toxic stress.

Nurturing Community

We recognize the value of healthy relationships and the presence of caring adults as integral in promoting positive youth development.

Healthy Living

We offer nutrition education, provide access to healthy foods, and offer ample opportunities for movement.
What’s your Superpower?

Girls Empowerment

UrbanPromise’s Girls Empowerment program and More than a Beauty pageant invite young women to see the best in themselves and each other. UrbanPromise also supports preteen/ adolescent development through a girls group, supporting young women as they navigate the world around them.

Individualized Support


Our counselors on staff provide small group and one-on-one support to children and their families as needed.

In the Kitchen

Cooking Classes

In partnership with My Family Kitchen, UrbanPromise invites middle schoolers to learn about cooking and eating healthy foods.

Hands-on Learning


Formal and informal educational opportunities invite students to explore (and taste!) the on-campus garden.