UrbanPromise invests in the intrinsic value of every child, empowering them to nurture their unique strengths and have an enduring trust in themselves to be transformative leaders for 
their communities and beyond.
Key Elements of Empowerment

Self Discovery

Our programs uncover each child’s unique gifts, remove barriers inhibiting self-development and help them reach their fullest potential.

Skill Building

UrbanPromise equips youth with fundamental academic, social, emotional and life skills needed to live a healthy and full adult life.

Safe Space

Students have the emotional and physical space to explore their faith, work through adverse experiences, grow their emotional intelligence, and gain confidence.

Leadership Development

We provide opportunities for youth to assume meaningful leadership roles and to be positive role models in their community.

Centering Youth Voices

We center the voices of our youth, inviting them to share their stories, to raise awareness about issues that matter to them, and to represent their city.


Preparing Young Leaders


Each year the StreetLeader program employs 50+ teens as counselors, tutors, and mentors to the children in our after school and summer camp programs. The program focuses on equipping young people as leaders in their own community.

Public Speaking

MLK Speech Contest

Students write, rehearse, and perform a speech  honoring the legacy of,  Martin Luther King Jr., or related topics.

Leading Paddles


Teenage RiverGuides take hundreds of area residents on paddles each year, raising awareness, promoting stewardship, and encouraging use of the local waterways.

Developing Confidence

Girls Empowerment

Through our girls empowerment program, each young women is invited to share her own unique gifts and aspirations.