With a foundation affirming the sacredness of human life and the conviction that God calls individuals to create a more just and loving world, UrbanPromise inspires youth to harness and develop their natural abilities to become transformative leaders for their community and the world.
Children and Youth
Engaged annually across our programs
Teens Employed
Teens have the opportunity to work in our environmental programs, after school programs, and summer camps
Hours of Teen Employment
As part of our holistic approach, teens also engage in academic support, enrichment, and college prep
“I was able to further my education and find my true passion for the environment where I am now able to serve my community the same way they did for me."
Jalisa, Alumna, Camden Urban Parks Coordinator at New Jersey Conservation Foundation
Graduation Rate
Among high school students & youth employees
Rate of Enrollment
In college or vocational training
Annual Expeditions
Maximize outdoor hands-on learning
A World of Promise

UrbanPromise International

Since our first years in Camden, the UrbanPromise model has been replicated throughout the United States and around the globe. To date, more than 30 organizations have been launched around the world, following the UrbanPromise model. All UrbanPromise sites and affiliate ministries are governed independently but strive to achieve the same goal: to provide children and youth with the support needed to succeed academically, grow spiritually, and develop into leaders who can bring positive change to their communities. Collectively they are supported by UrbanPromise International, Inc.