How it all started!

Aug. 14, 2021

It’s a glorious tradition birthed in desperation.

Our staff needed a trophy for the morning’s “All Camp” Olympics—an inter-camp competition pitting UrbanPromise’s multiple summer camps against one another. After games were played, songs sung, and races raced the winning team needed to be recognized.

“Urban” legend recalls that an intern found a plastic milk crate, spray-painted it gold, filled it with candy and created the “Golden Crate”.

A trophy was created. A tradition was born.  Thirty years later, children in Camden still want to win this coveted prize.  Bragging rights for the year, candy for the team and the pride of being part of an enduring legacy.

So congratulations to this summer’s Golden Crate winner…Drum Roll….

Our Camp Peace program from South Camden under the leadership of director, Derrick Sondrini!

“Children were so happy to be out of their houses again,” shared StreetLeader Director, Tony Vega. “The social connection and daily schedule provided a hopeful environment after a long, difficult year.”

Not to diminish the accomplishment of winning the Golden Crate, but I also need to congratulate the ENTIRE UrbanPromise Summer team for delivering an incredible experience for our city’s young people.

Congratulations on planning and implementing a COVID-free (yes! No cases!), dynamic, safe, education-based, faith-enriching and fun summer experience for hundreds of children and teens.

As donors and partners, please know this work only exists because of your generosity and prayers. Our team is grateful!