“But I’m not Jesus…”

Mar. 20, 2024

We start our day with a circle-up at the beginning of every trekker trip. In this circle we check in with ourselves, go over our plans for the day, and we talk about our covenant. As Trekkers, we agree to:

Try new things
Respect Gods Creation
Embrace electronic-free moments
Kommunicate with others
Keep an open mind
Engage with other cultures
Relish diverse connections
Stay substance free

After this reminder, we prayed, got on our bus, and started our adventure.

  • Now, without fail, during the trek, the following things always happen
  • A connection is made between the person and the place
  • A continued understanding of why we do these trips is nurtured
  • A phone is found in somebody’s possession

You could look at this scenario in a number of ways.

  1. Well, it’s just a phone. Who cares? Did they have fun, though?
  2. The trip was ruined!! Darn you, Steve Jobs, and your enticing devices.
  3. Why did they lie to me?

Gathering the students together, we talked to them after the fact about the importance of honesty. Using the notorious line our parents would say to us, we started by saying, “I’m not mad or angry with you; I’m just disappointed.” Disappointed with the fact that they not only neglected to follow the rules but also chose to lie about them.

But we get it, right? I share with them that I was a kid once, too(which they find hard to believe). I didn’t follow the rules 100 percent of the time, and it’s not like anybody died due to their actions. But I also shared this fact with them.

When we choose to be dishonest, we inherently tell a little bit about ourselves too. We are saying we may not be someone you can always trust.

Then we flip the question back to them and ask,” if somebody broke their trust, what would they do?”

“I’d never trust them again.”

“Once you cross me, it’s over.”

“Simple, we’d be done.”

Now if we used their standards of forgiveness, that would be quite a rough program to be a part of.

So we challenge them, but doesn’t Jesus call us to forgive? 70 X 7?

“But I’m not Jesus.”

Yes, but you are made in his image.

Moments like these present themselves to us every day where we have a choice. A choice to be like our culture and punish due to our transgressions. It is a choice to be like our creator and choose to forgive. Now I will admit that one by far is much harder to do than the other, but at the same time one by far is more worth it.

Evan Williams
Expeditions Director