Corporate Partnership

Sep. 16, 2021

What does UrbanPromise do to quench the thirst of hundreds of children and teens during a hot and humid summer?

We call our friends at Pepsi and the deliver pallets of FREE WATER, Snapple and juices.  Thank you Pepsi of Pennsauken for your help this summer.

Not only did Pepsi quench our thirst, their management hosted tours for our youth—sharing opportunities for employment and career options.  Our young people learned about product distribution, technology and how companies can be great corporate citizens.

“I really enjoyed our field trip to Pepsi,” claimed one teen. “It was amazing to see everything that goes into bringing a product to the public…the research, marketing, science, and production. I’ll never look at a Snapple the same way again.”

Pepsi is one of many local companies who assist UrbanPromise. We’re grateful for corporate leadership who want to partner with organizations, like ours, who are making a positive impact in the southern New Jersey area.