Financial planning with teens!

Aug. 17, 2022

“Hey Tony,” called 17-year old Tamia, “I’ve only got $80 left from last week’s paycheck. I need a financial plan.”

As a StreetLeader, Tamia gets paid by UrbanPromise every two weeks for her service as a summer camp counselor. She has decided to start saving for a car, but finds her money disappears quickly. We can all relate.

“Last week, Cheryl Domenech from BlackRock held a workshop for our teenagers,” shared Tony Vega, Director of our StreetLeader Program.  “She challenged our teens to develop a personal spending budget and learn to save. Many of our students were challenged. Including Tamia.”

The workshop is part of our summer enrichment series, which includes financial literacy, career tours, and other unique experiences. This year’s career tours included Cooper Hospital, Pepsi, and NFL films. “We’re really trying to expose our teens to career opportunities that exist in their own backyard.”

“Backyard” enrichment also includes exploring nature.  “Last week, we took the StreetLeaders kayaking on the Cooper River,” he reflected. “I really want our young leaders to be stretched and challenged with new experiences. Having so many teens Kayaking was a little nerve-racking. But it was worth it.”

So, whether it’s financial planning, career trips, or an afternoon paddling on the Cooper River, our teens are being pushed out of their comfort zone, growing in confidence and vision for their lives. Our team remains true to our core mission—developing academically and socially prepared leaders rooted in Christian faith.