First Year Free

Oct. 3, 2022

It’s a new school year and there is something special about the start of each year!


I vividly remember the beginning of my first school year here at UrbanPromise. We were just opening our schools. My to-do list included installing fire doors for the classrooms (which I finished after midnight about a day and a half before school started) and figuring out how to teach Chemistry without any lab equipment.


Now, 25 years later, the schools are much better prepared to open, but there is always that same excitement of new beginnings.


Parents are checking supply lists and filling backpacks. Kindergarteners are learning to tie their shoes and high schoolers are antsy to reconnect with their classmates. Teachers are taking last year’s lessons and finding ways to enhance them. I’m finalizing schedules and enrichment opportunities to make sure we’re making the most of the opportunities we have for our students this year.


But as you know, it’s the kids and what they each uniquely bring, that make this work special.


Last year, 7th grade Jamira enrolled in our CamdenForward School. Her family liked that our school was in their neighborhood and had small classes where Jamira could get the individual attention she needed to thrive.


She’s outgoing, works hard, and is a joy to have in class. She even volunteered in our after school program once a week to help younger kids. And Jamira shined as a student at UrbanPromise!

“I felt warmth and love from the school. UrbanPromise is all about the kids, their education and well-being. Jamira has had so many opportunities that she wouldn’t have had at other schools.” 

– Miriam, Jamira’s Mother


It is important to us that families like Jamira’s get to experience our learning community at UrbanPromise because we know that we have something very special to offer. We try to make enrollment at UrbanPromise an easy choice through our First Year Free initiative.


We support students in small classrooms and provide experiential and expeditionary learning, service learning, an emphasis on well-being, and leadership development opportunities. Foundational to our educational model is our belief that each of our students deserves the chance to realize his or her potential. Our goal is to help every student thrive, like Jamira has.

This year, we are thrilled to welcome 38 new students to our schools!


A full year of education for 2022-23 at UrbanPromise costs just $8,500. On average, families pay $1,224 thanks to our sliding scale. Our donor Partner Program, grants, and other donations help cover the majority of the costs.


With your help, all 38 new students will attend for FREE. UrbanPromise needs to secure at least $46,512, that’s $1,224 for each new student.


I’m hoping you’ll help us welcome new students to UrbanPromise by covering costs for a year, a semester or a quarter for a new student, or even joining our Partner Program.


As great as my team is, we can’t do this alone. Your incredible support and partnership make it possible. We know it takes a village!



Andy Joshua
Head of Schools

Help us welcome the following 38 NEW students to our schools this fall!

  • Kyrin, kindergarten
  • Ann Marie, kindergarten
  • Noah, kindergarten
  • Zayden, kindergarten
  • A’Yanna, kindergarten
  • Zuri, kindergarten
  • Olivia, kindergarten
  • Shiloh, kindergarten
  • Milianet, kindergarten
  • Brayden, kindergarten
  • Victoria, kindergarten
  • Cameron, kindergarten
  • Angelique, 1st grade
  • Irie, 1st grade
  • Jose, 1st grade
  • Royal, 1st grade
  • Innaya, 1st grade
  • Journi, 2nd grade
  • Majik, 2nd grade
  • Joahni, 2nd grade
  • Jaiden, 3rd grade
  • Serenity, 4th grade
  • Giovanni, 5th grade
  • Christian, 6th grade
  • Jadalyse, 6th grade
  • Aaliyah, 6th grade
  • I’Yana, 6th grade
  • Jahni, 7th grade
  • Jelahni, 8th grade
  • Argelina, 8th grade
  • Naaim, 8th grade
  • Destiny, 9th grade
  • Angel, 9th grade
  • Siani, 10th grade
  • Destiny, 10th grade
  • Zoey, 10th grade
  • Michelle, 11th grade
  • Isiah, 11th grade