Mecca: 8 years later

Jan. 2, 2022

When Mecca was a senior in our high school she participated in an exercise called the “Finding Your Voices” project—along with 12 of her peers.

Before graduation, the young women were challenged to write their “Rule for Life”—a set of values to guide them on their journey as they entered adulthood.  Here’s what Mecca wrote:

I will remember God sees me as a work in progress. 
I will carry myself as a respectful young lady. 
I will love myself unconditionally. 
I will surround myself with those who treat me with love and respect. 
I will treat God with respect, following the path God has made for me. 

These words were penned eight years ago. Today, Mecca has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, works as a social worker, writes her own blog, is an advocate for youth who struggle with mental illness and raises money for young people who cannot afford counseling. She’s become a remarkable young leader in her field. Mecca has remained true to her “life rules”.

What makes UrbanPromise unique?  Yes, we help young people reach their academic potential. Yes, we challenge our students to develop the life skills needed to succeed in their careers. But many organizations do these things.

Here’s our unique difference:

UrbanPromise challenges students to discern their God-given calling, reflect deeply on their life purpose, discover their unique gifts and become change agents in their community. 

UrbanPromise Alumni now impact the world in many sectors of society. They serve as teachers, social workers, pastors, business owners, lawyers, law enforcement officers, and health care workers. They bring passion and vision to their vocations.

So, thank you for investing this past year in the development of young men and women—like Mecca. Hundreds of youth have benefited from your generosity. Your gifts are helping the UrbanPromise Team shape a new generation of special leaders.

For this, we are grateful.