Students help restore New Jersey coastline  

Oct. 14, 2022

As a high school senior at the UrbanPromise Academy, Kyle is proud of the part he has played to restore the New Jersey coastline.

“We should be asking people ourselves what we can do to improve the environment,” he commented while donning hip waders, building oyster castles and planting sea grass—strategies to help restore marshlands in the Cape May area.

In partnership with the Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory, students from our high school are learning valuable lessons about clam beds, oyster larvae and healthy habitats for shellfish.

“Oyster castles help break the energy from waves,” added 12th grader Jeremiah.  “This allows the sand to build up and become a nursery for clams and shellfish.”

Experiential learning is central to the UrbanPromise educational model. Allowing our students to leave the traditional classroom exposes learners to real issues and real solutions. Worlds are expanded. Visions of possibility and careers are birthed.

We hope you’ll watch this remarkable video about the importance of healthy marshes and ecosystems.