Company sends executive team to Camden for a week

May. 12, 2023

What kind of company would send their executive leaders to volunteer in Camden for a week?

A week…..not a few hours. A full week!

That’s the question I wanted to answer when I sat down with 6 leaders of the Clemens Food Group—a 120-year-old company also known as the Hatfield Meats brand, based in Hatfield, PA.

“This is part of our executive leadership training program,” shared one Clemens worker. “Our company has a unique culture that affirms community service and servant leadership.”

Lisa Meekins, director of Clemens National Accounts, added, “Our week-long experience at UrbanPromise allowed us to reset from the hustle and stress of the corporate world and refresh our spiritual selves.”

Last week, this group of leaders painted walls, mulched gardens, tutored children, shelved food at our Food Co-Op, and even treated our students to Mister Softee. They also shared their wisdom with UrbanPromise’s organizational leaders.

“It was a real gift to talk about leadership and organizational culture,” shared Pamela Foxx, UrbanPromise’s VP of HR & Operations. “I learned a great deal about how Clemens trains their leaders and integrates organizational values. This helps me as I think about developing a training plan for our up-and-coming leaders.”

This spring, UrbanPromise also hosted corporate workgroups from Starbucks, Holman, Keller Williams, Grace Construction and Campbell’s. These groups are a gift to the mission of UrbanPromise. Their volunteerism, service, and commitment truly makes an impact on our community.