The power of Thanksgiving!

Nov. 18, 2022

Where do you find people coming together across lines of geography, race, socioeconomics and politics to celebrate gratitude and commonality?

UrbanPromise is one of those places.

Thanksgiving celebration dinners create those opportunities.

“My family were immigrants from Vietnam,” shared Tam (aka Jason) Do. “Thanksgiving was a new concept to my family. We’d never heard of it.”

Tam—a 20 year UrbanPromise veteran, alumni and current staff—smiles when he recalls those early dinners. He grew up in East Camden and started to attend UrbanPromise at the age of 6.

“I remember getting picked up in an old rickety bus full of kids who knew all about the holiday,” he chuckles. “A few minutes later, I was eating Turkey and macaroni with people who spoke and looked different from me. And the leaders asked us to reflect on things for which we were grateful. It felt good to share this new holiday and tradition with the UrbanPromise community.”

For the past 35 years UrbanPromise has been sponsoring community Thanksgiving dinners for the families of our after school programs and schools. It’s a time for our community to gather around a common meal and give thanks to God.

In the next few weeks, our dedicated staff and volunteers will be preparing healthy meals, driving vans, and decorating program spaces—getting ready to celebrate this unique and special holiday.

The hands and feet are in place to prepare and serve. All that’s needed is the money to buy the supplies and food.

Will you consider helping to underwrite one Thanksgiving meal for $10?  Five for $50? or $500 for Turkey basket
giveaways and door prizes?

I look forward to hearing from you soon so we can buy the turkeys, peel the potatoes, and stir the gravy.

Grateful for you. Grateful for the way you share your blessings.

Bruce Main

Founder and President

P.S. Twenty years later, Tam now works in our fundraising department as a Donor Engagement Officer. I encourage you to reach out to him this holiday season if you’re interested in scheduling a tour to see our programs or learning how to become more involved with our work. I know you will be in great hands! You can reach Tam at (856) 236-2158 or