UrbanPromise goes solar!

Jun. 27, 2022

It’s been brutally hot in Camden this summer!  Just ask our program staff….and the kids.

But there’s some good news as the mercury inches towards the century mark.

UrbanPromise is now “off-the-grid”!

Yes, those solar panels adorning our roofs were turned on this past week, now providing valuable energy to keep our lights on and the air conditioners humming.

CFO, Andy Cross, is happy. “With utility bills increasing 20%, this couldn’t have happened at a better moment. We’ll end up saving about $35,000 a year.  That’s real cash. Money to be reinvested into programs.”

Through a series of grants and incentives, UrbanPromise was able to make this substantial investment for the future. “It’s great to see it all come together,” shared Operations Director, Tom Ward. “It took a real team effort.”

The UrbanPromise team takes stewardship of your resources seriously. We want to maximize the impact of every gift.  Using renewable resources is a step forward to accomplish this goal. I hope you’re encouraged.